So Fresh...The 3rd Verse Old School Hip Hop Mix!

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Old School IntroDJ Twin Spin
Planet RockSoul Sonic Force
Hootchie Momma2 Live Crew
Give it all you gotAfro Rican
Da DipFreak Nasty
TrickyRun DMC
Play at your own riskPlanet Patrol
Going back to CaliLL Cool J
Check the rhymeA tribe called quest
Pistol Grip PumpVolume 10
I got it madeSpecial Ed
Music makes me high breakThe Lost Boyz
Real LoveMary J Blige
N.E. HeartbreakNew Edition
Express yourselfN.W.A.
Georgie PoorgieMC Lyte
Deja VuLord Tariq/Peter Gunz
JuicyNotorious BIG
I wishSkeelo
For the love of moneyLevert/Troop/Queen Latifah
BuddyDe la soul
TennesseeArrested Development
Old School Hook BreakDJ Twin Spin/Various
Rock the bellsLL Cool J
Steady MobbinIce Cube
Hip Hop HorrayNaught by nature
I wanna sex you upColor me bad
Hold you tightTara Kemp
Do meBel Biv Devoe
Get ya money onRay Luv
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An Old School Hip Hop mix I made for my monthly Old School Hip Hop parties which I host every fourth Saturday of each month at Shine Lounge in San Francisco called "So Fresh". (shameless plug!) A mix of some of the best 80's and 90's Old School Hip Hop and R&B Classics!


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  1. A moment ago
  2. scotts
    Off the hook, Brother.
    March 2011
  3. Swoosh70
    memories from back in the day dope!
    June 2011
  4. buboy Sa
    cool party time...
    August 2011
  5. dunkindonut
    Brings back so many memories!! Respect from Germany
    1 year ago
  6. musicg16
    nice mix return of real music need part 2 asap
    11 months ago
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