They Called It Disco V.10

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Keep On Jumpin' Musique
Disco Kicks The Boystown Gang
Beyond The Clouds Quartz
Accidental Lover Love & Kisses
Dance, Freak & Boogie Nightlife Unlimited
I Was Made For Dancin' Leif Garrett
Baila Conmigo/He'll Dance With Me Capuchino
Baby Won't You Dance With Me Vera
Don't Stop Sylvester
Don't Let Go Isaac Hayes
Without Your Love Cut Glass
It Takes Me Higher Ganymed
Expansions Lonnie Liston Smith
War DanceKebekelektrik
FEAR Easy Going
Let Go France Joli
I Love Music O'Jays
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This is the 10th installment in my "They Called It Dosco" mix series, enjoy!

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  1. A moment ago
  2. marvin collety
    what great taste in music and these songs are a bitch to mix
    July 2012
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Sep 1995
July 2012
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